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Mendocino Tea

Organic Tuber Tonic

Organic Tuber Tonic

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This is a tonic (more tonic than tea), with organic turmeric, ginger, elderberries, cinnamon and black pepper that contains no caffeine. Each of the ingredients has health building properties. Tuber Tonic gets its fruity flavor from elderberries and is naturally sweetened by the cinnamon with spicy notes derived from turmeric, ginger, and pepper. Tuber Tonic is easy to make and delicious when served hot, cold, or mixed with other beverages. Caffeine free.

To make Tuber Tonic add 2 Tablespoons per quart to boiling water in a thermos or hot pot, close it, and wait awhile. The tea can sit anywhere from ten minutes to all day or overnight without becoming bitter. Tuber Tonic can be boiled for any amount of time on the stove top or in a crockpot for a strong brew.

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