Tuber Tonic | Turmeric Tea

 Even though it's made by a tea company, Tuber Tonic is a tonic in the true sense of the word. With its ingredients, all organic turmeric, ginger, elderberries, cinnamon and black pepper, it is a healthful wonder. Since it was created, in November of 2014, it has rapidly gained in popularity. Most people who taste it, want it.

Now, it is even easier to make. With experimentation, I've found an easy way to make Tuber Tonic! Simply put three tablespoons of Tuber Tonic in a 2-liter thermos and fill it with boiling water; allow it to sit for 30 minutes to overnight. I have it sit overnight because I like it very strong. Pour off the Tuber Tonic and pour in another quart of boiling water for a second pot.

How to Make Great Iced Tuber Tonic

Here in California, it's starting to warm up and we're starting to think about iced drinks. I have found a way to easily have plenty of Tuber Tonic on hand for both iced and hot drinks.

Fill a large pot with a gallon and a half of water and 7 Tablespoons of Tuber Tonic, and then boil it for at least two hours (long enough to cook it down to a quart and a half of tea). If you like sweet tea, you can add 1/4C organic agave or the sweetener of your choice before you begin to boil it down. Many people like it straight.

The result is a delicious base that you can use with water (hot or cold), sparkling water or juice for a delicious iced drink or mixer. Use about 1/4 C Tuber Tonic per Cup of water.

Now you can drink your turmeric in a delicious, refreshing beverage that can easily replace sodas or caffeinated drinks. You still get a lift, but it won't keep you awake.