About Mendocino Tea Company

Creator: Lee White

Lee White

While the Mendocino Tea Company has been producing exceptional tea since 2003, it wasn't until its founder, Lee White, created Tuber Tonic that she truly understood how special herbal drinks can be. An herbalist at heart, she knew she'd stumbled upon the remarkable convergence of perfect beverage elements - a trifecta of compelling taste, a long list of health benefits, and aroma evocative of a perfect Autumn day. Tuber Tonic is a revelation that has changed her family and friends' lives. With a constant flow of positive feedback, Lee knew she had concocted a benefit that should be shared with the world, and ever since she has been doing just that. Lee has recently made a decision to concentrate her efforts on selling Tuber Tonic and its variations. She's the decision maker, blogger, sales manager, advertising manager, social media maven, chief cook and bottle washer. 

Mr Toad: Aging Icon and General Representative

Mr. Toad of Toad Hall

Many years ago (the seventies), Lee ran a tavern and rock and roll venue called Toad Hall, about three miles from the town of Mendocino, California. Basically, it was a large building in the woods, so to guide the public, she had a couple of signs tacked to a tree. One sign said Toad Hall and the other was a five foot toad that leaned on the Toad Hall sign. After the Toad Hall sign was stolen, Mr. Toad was moved inside and put behind the bar. Originally, he had a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other. As he grew older, like so many of us, he embraced a healthier lifestyle, and replaced his smoke and drink with a delicious mug of Tuber Tonic, which took away his aches and pains and generally made him feel better. Fortunately for us, he has agreed to come out of retirement and represent Tuber Tonic.


John Chamberlin: Artist, Musician, and All-Around Good Guy

John Chamberlin

I had a crush on John for around twenty years. He was my great friend and when he died in June 2013, it was a huge loss. He did all the art work that I needed, including Mr Toad and the Mendocino Tea Company logo and labels. He was also a wonderful musician, and it was largely because of him that I wanted to create Toad Hall. John introduced me to my husband, Peter, saying that Peter was "the nicest musician I ever met." When Peter and I were married in the early nineties, John made our wedding invitations. I have included him here because he was responsible our unique look.