How to Brew Tuber Tonic™

Tuber Tonic teas are best enjoyed when brewed differently than our other loose leaf teas. What makes Tuber Tonic so flavorful is the kind of organic ingredients we use; a powdered version of this blend would not deliver the same rich and delicious cup. Using whole elderberries and larger root & bark pieces means that the tea needs a longer brew time to give it the best taste and make it better for you!

Tuber Tonic and Super Tuber Tonic are best prepared as a decoction which is a liquid preparation where medicinal plants are heated or boiled down. 

Simply put, remember that your Tuber Tonic teas need two things: A long cook/steep time, and plenty of room for the ingredients to move around as you brew your tea.

How much tea to use?

  • 1 heaping teaspoon per cup;
  • 2 tablespoons per quart; or
  • ½ cup per gallon of water

Here are 8 easy ways to brew Tuber Tonic:

  1. Electric Coffee Percolator: Our favorite way is in a coffee percolator. This is what we use in our tea shop, where we always have Tuber Tonic “on tap.” You can use a large one like you might see at a conference buffet or church function for a large batch, or a small countertop model that is about the same size as an electric kettle. If using the basket, you pour in the ingredients in, turn it on and let it cook! For easier cleanup you can also use a large paper or muslin filter bag or a very large tea ball. Make sure the ingredients have room to expand and move around a bit. You can leave it plugged in all day and top it off with water as needed.

  2. Crockpot: A countertop crockpot is a great option as you may already have one in your kitchen. We suggest a stainless steel model as turmeric will stain ceramic yellow! Same brewing instructions as the percolator, with use of an infuser bag or ball.

  3. Stovetop: Use a saucepan for a small serving or larger pot/stock pot for a big batch. Add tea, bring it to a boil and simmer for 2-4 minutes. For small pans, you can use a strainer as you pour it out. For large pans, use an infuser bag or ball.

  4. French Press: No infusion tools are needed with a French Press. Just add ingredients and let it sit. Give it plenty of time to steep and infuse. Pour off an refill with water for a second pot.

  5. Tea Kettle: You can designate a stainless steel kettle just for brewing Tuber Tonic on the stovetop or on your wood stove, using an infuser bag for the tea. Add ingredients and water and let it boil for 2-4 minutes. Can sit on the wood stove all day, just keep adding water.

  6. Teapot: We won’t stop you from brewing it just like any other loose leaf tea in a tea pot but a quick infusion will not get the same strong flavor from a decoction. Use a large infuser ball or tea bag, or brew it loose and pour through a strainer to serve.

  7. Thermos: Boil water and add tea in a large infuser bag into an insulated thermos. Let sit for at least an hour or prepare before bed to make “overnight tea.” This method makes a nice strong tea.

  8. Sun Tea: Place your Tuber Tonic in a heat-safe jar and fill with hot to boiling water. Place in a sunny window or outside. It’s best to brew it this way about 24 hours before you will want to drink it to give it a nice long steep.

Tip: We suggest brewing a large amount of tea and then storing it in a glass jar in the fridge to be reheated by the cup or frothing with your choice of milk for a Tuber Tonic latte (so delicious!).