8 Easy Ways To Make Tuber Tonic

8 Easy Ways To Make Tuber Tonic

With organic turmeric, ginger, elderberries, cinnamon and black pepper, Tuber Tonic is delicious and great for your health. Not tea and not coffee, better than both.

Pictured are a few ways to make and serve Tuber Tonic, also an example of what happens to cups of Tuber Tonic left unattended.

1. Open Ended Teabags or Infusers: put one Tablespoon of Tuber Tonic in an infuser or bag with a pint of water ,and infuse for 10 minutes, or boil for 2 to 4 minutes. May be reused once or twice or more.

2. Coffee Percolator: fill percolator with water, place Tuber Tonic in basket,plug it in. can be left plugged in all day without damaging taste.

3. Press Pot: Place Tuber Tonic in pot, fill with boiling water, allow to steep for 10 minutes or more. Second infusion will be stronger than the first.

4. Tea Kettle: this is a no-brainer, most people wait to be sure the Tuber Tonic is in their lives before designating a tea kettle to it.

5. Teapot with Large Infuser: this is best if you find a teapot that is safe being heated on the stove.

6. Saucepan: generally the first step when you start out. Once you discover that you want it often, you will get creative with different ways to make it.

7. Thermos: Depending how strong you like your Tuber Tonic, and the size of the thermos, add 2 to 4 Tablespoons to a thermos filled with boiling water. Allow mixture to sit anywhere from one hour to overnight.

8. Sun Tea: So easy! Put Tuber Tonic in a gallon jar with hot water, leave it in a window or outside in the sun for one day. Ice and serve.

Rule of thumb: 1 Tablespoon Tuber Tonic per pint of water, 2 Tablespoons per Quart.

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