Welcome to Mendocino Tea


We sell our tea at the Albion Artist's Tea House in Albion, California, which is about ten miles south of Mendocino, on the Northern Coast of California. Through doing that, and through talking with and emailing some of you, I have developed a sense of who you, our customers, are.

You are health conscious and careful about what you serve to eat and drink at your house. Taste is very important to you, and many of you would identify yourselves as "foodies".  You are well educated, although not necessarily through conventional paths.

You look forward to each cup of top-quality tea that you make, knowing that it will improve your mood and your day, helping to ease you through the rough spots, providing calm awareness. You enjoy the variety that fine tea provides and the nuances of taste as it is paired with different foods.

You care about the earth and the creatures you share this earth with. Many of you see yourselves as part of a global community, and are concerned about working conditions and education within that community. We work to speak to these issues and use only organic tea. We also use fair traded tea whenever we can.

You believe in the best of the best, and you understand that you are  most likely to get that from a small company that makes everything in small batches and packages everything by hand. You like personal service.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! We are so glad that you found us!


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Brew a pot of the worlds finest organic loose leaf tea, whether it is black, white, green or herbal it will clear your mind and enhance your day.
We are committed to bringing you the finest loose leaf teas and herbal blends in the world. All of our organic teas and herbal blends are fair trade tea whenever possible.