Love Life

Love Life

It turns out that most of us are hard wired to dwell on the negative. I am working on turning that around, and I would like to share my discoveries with you.

Eat Good Food, it's The Most Important Thing. It's almost impossible to be positive and happy when you have too little energy.

Please stop eating Prepared Foods. Fill your Kitchen with Fresh  Fruit and Vegetables. Buy Organic canned Coconut Milk, and use it as a staple instead of dairy products. Trust Yourself! Make up your Own Recipes. Start with steaming all your vegetables in a little water or cook them lightly with a little olive oil. Don't worry about Seasoning, just add salt and pepper.

Buy an egg beater if you don't have one. Dump the Coconut Milk in a bowl, and Beat It until it's Well Blended. You can use this to top drinks like Tuber Tonic, or to top Fresh Fruit for Dessert.

Breathe Deep, and Count Your Blessings whenever you think to do so. It's a Good Start. Remember to Honor Your Mitochondria!

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