What is it about the holiday season that makes my brain shut down almost altogether? I start baking and humming Christmas carols even though I haven't eaten baked goods for months. I start craving peppermint and buying candy and cookies. I can't seem to get anything practical done. I just want to decorate, do jigsaw puzzles, sing carols, think nice thoughts and stare into the fire.

Fortunately for me, I have tea to fall back on, and I remember to satisfy some of my cravings with teas like white peppermint and chai. I'm working on a new blend of ginger, turmeric, elderberry, cinnamon, and maybe pepper that will counteract some of the ill effects of my poor eating choices. Hopefully I can get it out to you by January. Meantime, I'm trying it out on my family. They seem to like it.

I've recently been reading about the healthy effects of drinking cinnamon and honey together. I'm all for that, and I recommend that you add extra cinnamon and honey to your tea. With all the rain this year, it's dark most of the time. Bright tastes and bright scents seem to make things better during the darker times.

However this time of year affects you, I wish you the best.
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