Organic (Tea and Food)

I'm a stickler for true organic products. I refuse to use those that list "natural ingredients" and call their products "organic". In fact, I suppose I am just a teeny bit fanatical. Now you have to hear how it was in my day. We didn't have to choose between commercial and organic. It was all just food, but we did prefer growing our own, and saving our seeds so that our crops improved every year and the plants could grow stronger as they adapted to our environment.

I believe that every living thing thrives best in a natural environment, even if it is introduced from elsewhere and forced to adapt to new conditions, the plant will either adapt or die. As a gardener, I only grow those plants that will thrive without being babied. I was working with permaculture before I knew there was a word for it. My yard is a naturalist's dream, but, I digress, more on gardening later.

What has happened to this world? I buy a lot of my food at our local farmer's markets, and know most of the vendors. Few farmers can afford to have certified organic farms, but I know the people and trust them. Certification isn't the thing, trust is. What happened to trust? Truly, because marketing has become so unscrupulous and so rampant in our society, it's hard to trust anyone any more. Ok, that's the end of my rant for the day. More soon.
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