Well, the cooler weather finally rolled into the Mendocino Coast and with it some much-needed rain storms.  This time every year,  I find myself reaching for a hot cup of tea a lot more often.  Because I don’t want to get too caffeinated, I look to the herbals.  Our HERBAL CHAI is always been a favorite in our house, with its tasty blend of warming ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.  The hearty rooibos base makes for a very satisfying cup on a cold day. VANILLA ROOIBOS is my wife’s favorite. She brews it with brown sugar and this year, added some whipped cream –leftovers from making a Thanksgiving persimmon pudding.  Wow!  An instant (caffeine-free) addiction!

I also caught my first cold of the season. Sunny day so I put on a light jacket ( didn’t wear a hat) took the dog to the beach.  Well, a chilly wind  blowing from the East got me……. “You should have brought a hat,” my wife told me when I got home. Anyhow,  I turned to my two faithful remedies: CINNABERRY and GINGER-LEMON teas. Delicious and soothing on the throat! Certainly ‘tis the season for holiday cheer and warming herbal teas and….don’t forget your hat and gloves!

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