Road Trip!

I'm driving to Santa Barbara with my son and a friend of his from Australia tomorrow. We will stop on the other side of San Francisco and have lunch with another friend of his who I have known for about twenty five years, since they were in High School together. We are going to spend some time with my brother, who lives on the top of a mountain above Santa Barbara.

On Saturday I'll be going to a mini-reunion in the Santa Ynez Valley, where I went to High School. For years I avoided reunions, thinking that I had nothing in common with the people with whom I attended High School. I wish I had gone to all of the reunions now. Regardless of experience, backgrounds or political affiliation, people are amazing and wonderful, and it's fun to watch them grow and change.

Enough about all that. I actually started this blog because I wanted to point out how much fun it is to travel with high quality tea. Before I go on a trip, I put enough tea for one cup into a number of open-ended tea bags. Then whenever we stop, I ask for a cup of boiling water, or ask for a cup of tea without the tea, and have fabulous tea as a treat. It's easy, fun, and takes up almost no room in your bags. I recommend it.

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