Making Tea

Not to be confused with Tea Infusion Instructions, which has yet to be written here, but can be found all over the internet, this is about the joy of making tea. As with all things, making tea is a personal process.

We are led to belive that there is something complicated, even mystical, about making the perfect pot of tea. There are so many kinds of tea ceremonies. There are special pots, cups, infusers, and teas, it all seems tremendously complicated, but really, it isn't.

Experiment, experiment. Start by putting one Tablespoon of your tea, whatever kind it is, in a pot, and pour not quite boiling water over it. `In a couple of minutes (or less) pour it into your cup, straining it as you pour it out. Taste it and if it's too weak, pour it back in your pot and sttep it longer, if it's too strong, add water.

Try infusing it a second time, you will get another (sometimes better) cup of tea. Boil your water for the second infusion and steep it longer. Multiple infusions will give you many more cups per ounce of tea, and the enjoyment of the changing character of the tea.

There are meny more tips, Watch here for them.

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