The struggle for transformation October 06 2014 1 Comment

As you can see, we have created an all new website. It has been a long journey to get here. I love the new look, and have trouble and emotional attachments to our old look, as well.

The old logo and labels were a source of great pride for me. I have lived in Mendocino for nearly fifty years, now and for forty five of those years, I was great friends with a talented artist named John Chamberlin. 

John was a cartoonist, sign painter and musician. He painted most of the signs that graced Mendocino for about twenty years or more. He printed most of the posters that we used to advertise music and public events. So when I wanted a lebel for my new tea company in 2003, of course I went to John.

John died last year, and with him, alarge part of the old Mendocino that I loved so much, but I am now convinced that I have held on too long, and that I need to move the Mendocino Tea Company forward, so that more people can and will enjoy it, and so that I can retire.