Slow Living With Attitude

 Welcome to Mendocino Tea Company's wacky but creative blog, where I will share:

  • Great Recipes and Ideas (often using tea, but not always).
  • Unique Insights
  • Ideas for using and processing herbs and flowers
  • Conversations about gardening (because it is my passion).
  • Observations about ADHD (because I deal with it).
  • Home Remedies and discoveries.
  • Anecdotes about wild animals and pets (because they are a large part of my world).
  • Information about healing foods.
  • Encouragement and recipes for juicing fruit and vegetables (because tea isn't the only thing that can make you healthy.)

That is the list as I see it today. I make juice in the mornings often, and will share the ingredients, so that you will be making your own soon. Today the juice was Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Beet, Apple, and Coconut Water, with Chia Seeds added after the juice was made.

If you shop at farmers markets or buy your fruits and vegetables fresh, this is a great way to use up those that are beginning to wilt, or those little bits that are left over after a meal. 

Please send me comments and suggestions, I would love to get some conversations going.

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